Blinds and shutters


Living comfort at its best with the extensions of Veranda Garden! You can increase your living comfort with simple adjustments.

Always the light you want!

Would you like to make even more pleasant use of your extension, patio cover or carport? Enjoy your new purchase to the fullest? Provide them with the right sun protection, screens, awnings or shutters. Veranda Garden provides the total picture. In addition to mounting the patio cover of your choice, we install all sun protection systems, sceens or shutters that you want.

Control light in the right way

Sun is wonderful, but in moderation… Control the incidence of sunlight optimally with the right screen. We are happy to advise you in making an optimal choice. For example, at Veranda Garden we offer:

· Sunshades

With a sunshade protect yourself against harmful ultraviolet radiation on the terrace. This effective product blocks on average between 90 and 99% of UV radiation. In addition, you regulate the temperature on your terrace with your awning. During hot days you open your awning, after which the light intensity and heat on your terrace immediately decreases. Enjoy, but in the right way. With the awnings from Veranda Garden!

· Awnings

The operation of a veranda awning is comparable to that of an awning.

The sun-resistant fabric ensures that UV radiation is kept out and that the temperature under the patio cover does not rise. Which option is right for your situation? Veranda Gardena is happy to advise you. There is a great solution for every situation. For example, there is the option of installing sun protection at the top as well as at the bottom of the roof. Veranda Garden is happy to advise you!


Watching your screen from your television, laptop or telephone undisturbed, without annoying sunlight. The sun-resistant fabric of our screen systems blocks the heat and light glare from the sun. An additional advantage of our screens is that you can no longer look into your home from the outside, while you can continue to look out from the inside. In addition, the screens from Veranda Garden provide a pleasant living climate in your home.

· Blinds

Roller shutters reduce heat, cold and noise nuisance from outside. A roller shutter has a suitable function in every season. Keep out the heat in the summer, keep out the cold in the winter and reduce noise pollution all year round. The slats or roller blinds are blackout and keep insects out, while windows that open inwards can still be opened. A roller shutter also provides security and is burglar-resistant. Veranda Garden is happy to install your new roller shutters!

Yes, tell me more about the Veranda Garden awnings!

Would you like to know more about all the products we have placed in the field of sun protection, roller shutters or screens? Call 06-36491406 or mail and we are happy to come by for a suitable offer.