Fronts and glass sliding walls


Living comfort at its best with the extensions of Veranda Garden! You can increase your living comfort with simple adjustments.

Enjoy your garden or balcony even more!

Lovely out of the wind and in the sun. With the glass fronts and glass sliding walls of Veranda Garden you can create your own sheltered place, protected against wind and weather. In the lee, fully enjoy the view of the countryside. Those are the fronts and sliding glass walls of Veranda Garden.

Involve your balcony with your home

We can also provide existing roofs or balconies with a facade or glass sliding walls. With sliding glass walls on your balcony or in your extension, you can enjoy the outdoor space for longer. With sliding walls, you also retain the freedom to open or close the space in question. Create the ultimate indoor or outdoor feeling in an instant!

The fronts and glass sliding walls of Veranda Garden

More information?

Do you also want glass sliding walls with a perfect finish and a luxurious look? Contact Veranda Garden today. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Call 06-36491406 or email for a quotation or appointment on location.