Living comfort at its best with the extensions of Veranda Garden! You can increase your living comfort with simple adjustments.

Comfortable and tidy!

Never get in and out in the rain again with a Veranda Garden carport! Park your car comfortably. Dry, tidy and covered under the new carport. Veranda Garden will place it in your garden or next to your home within a day.

Also for your bicycles, boat or caravan

Beautiful, extra space, also very suitable for placing your bicycles, boat with trayler, motor or caravan. With a Veranda Garden carport, you can store your belongings neatly and protected against rain, wind, falling leaves and snow or hail. A Veranda Garden carport is:

Looks like a carport to me!

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that Veranda Garden offers in the field of carports? We would be happy to visit your location and discuss the options with you. Contact us by phone on 06-36491406 or let us know via the mail leave a message.